Anna Solomon
Anna Solomon's novel, The Little Bride, is forthcoming from Riverhead Books September 6th, 2011.
As described in Publishers Marketplace, it's: "a debut novel exploring the little-known history of Jewish immigrants who settled on the Great Plains - the story of a young Russian mail-order bride stranded on the South Dakota prairie, married to a man twice her age and increasingly in love with her nineteen-year-old stepson."
Early praise for The Little Bride:
"The Little Bride is stranger than truth and truer than fiction...a very intensely imagined book, an elegantly written pocket of forgotten history."                                                                                     -Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler's Wife
"Evocative of Alice Munro, Amy Bloom, and Willa Cather, but fueled by Anna Solomon's singular wisdom, The Little Bride is a masterful debut. This tale of a Jewish mail-order bride's homestead experience on the Great Plains is embroidered with sage, beautiful writing on every page and marks the start of a long, fine, and important career."                             -Jenna Blum, author of Those Who Save Us and The Stormchasers
"The Little Bride is a love story. An immigrant's story. But most important; a story of hope and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Anna Solomon has written a heart-wrenchingly good novel, with vivid characters and an epic frontier landscape that will haunt you long after you've turned the final page."                                                                            -Hannah Tinti, author of The Good Thief 
"An affecting tale of 19th century Jewish settlers who find their America not on the noisy streets of the Lower East Side, but on the boundless, desolate Dakota Plains. A stirring love story and an unsettling, original portrait of the New World."                                                                       -Sana Krasikov, author of One More Year

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